When ending your relationship has to be done through a legal outlet

Published January 16, 2013 by PeachyKeene

The first few days into my mother in-laws visit have been quiet stressful because of my Narcissistic mother. Apparently my mother isn’t handling my choice to be no contact with her very well. Since the day my mother in law was slated to arrive, I have had almost daily interaction with the local police department over her accusation that I have a safe that belonged to her. Though true I once held it for her, it was returned to her 6 months ago. It was troubling for me to realize she was making this accusation as if she was dead set on ruining my life because I wouldn’t tolerate her narcissistic behavior.

I fully cooperated with police, allowed them into my home, and signed a statement. 2 days later a detective with the police followed up, it was then I realized how serious she was about wanting to hurt me and that the only logical thing to do was to obtain a restraining order, so any following act that she did that was found to be without merit would be simply seen as harassment and possibly pursued in a court of law if need be. I find it unfortant that it has come to this, but feel in the long run it will give me peace of mind and hopefully will deter her from harassing me.

When speaking with the detective it was very apparent he was just following protocol though he felt her accusations were false, he asked I won’t find any of her things in pawn shops or sold on craigs list by you or your husband? I assured him he wouldn’t. He then asked me does your mother drink? I told him yes she does, it is part of the reason why I will not have contact with her, she has done things like drink and drive with my son and husband in the car with her. I told him in fact I suspect that she does more than drink, I think she might be on drugs. He asked me what makes you think that? I told him besides her behavior, she is in a relationship with someone who has been arrested for drug possession. He asked is she with him now? I said yes, she took him back after he got out of prison. He asked for his name which I provided, then told me about my mother ranting on the phone to him.

She actually told the detective that my husband and I were going to kill her, I assured him all I want is for her to leave my family alone, all she has done is argue with me since my husband’s accident, and harassed me when I told her to stay away, I think if anything our only concern has been to get my husband feeling better. He then assured me I will have nothing to worry about or to be bothered again with this accusation unless they find any of her items sold in a pawn shop by my husband and I. With this whole incident I found there is no way of breaking clean from a person like her without a little legal action. Apparently what I read about the engulfing mother is true, it almost always ends in obtaining a legal barring/ restraining order. Which let me say isn’t as easy unless you have documented proof of her harassing and specifically state you fear for your life.


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