Boarding a Narcissist: When they have to be the center of attention and Their big dreams

Published April 20, 2015 by PeachyKeene

Fiona didn’t waste a second when she first moved in to try and attain the attention of everyone around her, she wanted people to feel fascinated and beholden to her. She sucked my brother in with endless video watching and once they had developed their own bond she would always be calling him over to want to show him a new video, once the excitement of a new room mate wore off for everyone she desperately tried pulling at strings to get peoples attention.

She would try to get everyone to watch the same videos as her, If it wasn’t videos she’d try drawing you into conversation and usually at the time you decided to leave the room because you had other things to attend to. For me it’s often be when I was on my way to the bathroom or my bedroom. If I was on my way to the restroom, I’d say sorry I have to go to the restroom hold that thought and her attempt to make me feel weird for telling her so she would say with a odd umm ok. If I were in the hallway on my way to my room I would search for a way to cut her off  as she struggled to find ways to draw me back to the room and her.

I think the worst of it was trying to draw our attention to things no one could possibly care about. For the most of it that would be her cat. She would want us to come over to see how after combing her cat, her fur was now soft or the way she laid as she slept. She has actually picked up her cat and stood in front of me to gush at me isn’t whiskers the cutest cat you’ve ever seen?

My brother refuses to get up when she wants his attention as she has called him over to see  a lizard on the outside of our home “bonding” with her and other trivial things. In her attempts to appear not lazy she will make sure she tells you in great detail one thing she did so she can receive unlimited praises. If she had to pick up a cat mess on the floor she will let you know she had to pick up a cat mess and how utterly disgusting it is. She has actually seen messes that cat made and has gotten my brother saying I want to show you what one of your cats did, he refused to get up and told her to pick it up if you see a cat make a mess don’t wait for someone else to do it.

When she takes out the recycling she details for me how she cleaned out the can as if she wants me to tell her what a great job she is doing. She has to be at the center of every conversation and she is always trying to find ways to draw others into her. It is a very big trait of a narcissist when they want people to flock to them or have grandiose dreams of unlimited power, , success, money and sometimes fame. It was one evening as we sat in the living room that I learned she had her own dreams of fame and success. The show American idol was about to come on and I said let me change the channel now i hate American idol. She then reveals to me if she had picked the right song at tryouts she wouldn’t be here right now because she would of made it and had a successful career. I was floored by this revelation and her firm belief that she felt she should of gotten a spot on the show.

I do know she thinks she is a great musical talent as you can’t watch any movie or show that has a sound clip without her singing to it, we have avoided movies with lots of music in it for this reason. I can’t imagine what there is to gain from that kind of attention and how one can not sense that others sometimes like to be left to themselves. Coming out of my room often was a dreaded thing because it was like entering a live platform where she thought I was there purely for her entertainment. I however can breath a little lighter these days as she did find a place to go and I think it will be well suited for her as she will be the center of attention in her new home, there are no women to try and over run and the guy she is moving in with fancies her so she will get all the admiration she desires. I firmly believe despite how much she told me she was repulsed by his behavior and desire for her she kept him tucked in her back pocket for the day she would have no choice, but to rely on him and knew he would be able to fill her narcissistic needs better than anyone. I just count down the days i get my house back and can get back to our lives.


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