Boarding a Narcissist: The Aftermath of getting them out of your home

Published May 15, 2015 by PeachyKeene

it amazes me the amount of selfishness one can possess and expect you to be so selfless in the demands of their selfishness. as mentioned before Fiona was packed and ready to go by the deadline thanks to my diligent work as she didn’t take my request for her to leave serious until she saw all her things neatly packed by the door. In the few short hours she had been gone she realized she had forgotten some household items and requested that the next time I am in the area, I bring them by.

As my family began to settle back into the routine they were use to before Fiona had occupied our house it occurred to us that she had swiped little household items that she no less thought we wouldn’t miss out on. However apparently she was a little more dense than I care to describe and walked off with my brothers cigarettes which is far likely to get noticed. Infuriated by her disregard for common decency I decided it wasn’t worth my effort to go out of my way to return a few simple items she left behind.

inpatient and starting to sense we were on to her she sends me a text saying if it was to inconvenient for me to bring her items to her she could always come get them and please be sure to let her know if there was anything she might of mistakenly packed to let her know and she could return it to me. I did tell her it was inconvenient and mentioned that I knew she took his cigarettes, normally I wouldn’t outright accuse someone however knowing how my brother always knows where he keeps his stuff and her having a track record for stealing, there wasn’t a doubt in my mind that she indeed stole from him. based on her response, her lack of caring if anyone was upset with her, and eagerness to drop the subject only proved to me she was lying about her guilt on the matter. It was now in the open we were no longer friends, not that I thought this was going to be a lets keep in touch kind of deal, more like we have mutual friends so lets keep it amicable and just say it didn’t work.

For the rush she was in to get her things insisting she needed them now it took her a week to pick her stuff off of my door step, grateful that it’s all over even at the expense of needing to replace a few household items. When they know they no longer can use you they will take and keep everything for themselves. I can say lesson learned, always offer a helping hand, but you have to save something for yourself and that place is the only sanctuary you have … home.


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