Why does it feel like I can’t escape Drama?

Published May 17, 2015 by PeachyKeene

I have had a pretty mixed relationship with my dad and his wife. Every time my step mother is upset about her precious boy and his grievances that he can’t share with you on his own she starts a drama induced event and shows our relationship disloyalty and disrespect. My Brother is 25 and I am convinced his balls will never drop because mom will not let him. Whenever there is an air of tension because my step brother complained it has most fleeing the scene and me left feeling dumbfounded.

I had been on a good streak of about three years without any drama with my step mom when I told her she did our relationship a great disservice by letting his petty complaints rile the relationship she had with me, that she needed to let him grow up and talk to me on his own if he is upset. Unfortunately she is a very dramatic person, she knows everything in my brother’s life and will wage war against anyone who wronged her darling boy including his love interest.

My fathers birthday had passed and due to not feeling well I was late about ordering my father his gift and would need to return at a later date after his party to give him his gift, so while out on a date night with my husband I asked to swing by and drop off my fathers gift. When I arrived my step mom hid in the bedroom, while my dad fidgeted and then blurted out that he got a complaint that my husband made my brother’s girlfriend uncomfortable cause she felt as if my husband was undressing her with his eyes. Stunned by the accusation as my husband and I weren’t even sitting in the same room as her nor does my husband have any interest in her as I have seen rather beautiful women try to get his attention and he still acts like I’m the only woman in the room I would have no reason to suspect that there is any truth to this. I was upset and asked my father what kind of crap is this? like you’ve seen how my husband has been with me for the course of our relationship and you actually would acknowledge this and accuse him of such a thing? he told me he’d get to the bottom of it, I said well if you don’t you know I will because I’m not so cowardly that I can’t talk to someone if we have an issue that needs to be addressed.

Shortly after leaving  she shot a text thanking me for the gift and apologizing for not coming out to see us. So I told her I knew why she hadn’t and that I was hurt by the accusations made, that they had hurt my husband and I both and feeding into it felt like they had no respect for me and my marriage. When I told her I needed time to myself she bombarded me with Text and later turned to playing the Martyr saying my father and her were splitting and how it is all my fault.

Trying to let this blow over, but it really stings to know the people you should be able to count on to use reasoning and support you play favorites and because I don’t have romantic grievances with my husband they try to create problems. I’ve always thought my step mom to be a little crazy, I’ve had her flip on me for things like my brother asking for my advice over hers, asking a simple question and she read to much into it and got nuclear, not to mention she once tried to commit suicide over having to live in a fema trailer. I’m starting to wonder if the world is filled with personality disorders and some are just worse than others. All I know is life is to short for people who get bored with normal and happy. Until it blows over going to just enjoy my birthday with friends and focus on summer plans. I’ve had enough drama to last me this lifetime and the next, maybe I shouldn’t of said anything, but I always speak my heart and at the end of the day if I’m true to myself and stick up for myself that is what matters to me is I let others know I won’t be their punching bag.


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