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The Flurries of December

Published December 7, 2015 by PeachyKeene

My mind keeps swirling with so many things about to take place, we are about 2 1/2 weeks from Christmas and the stellar job my husband took back in September isn’t so stellar as we thought. They have unrealistic expectations and they can’t seem to get that as their staff has shrank to a skeleton crew that maybe they need to realize having a computer rate your employees especially when you don’t know how the computer operates or tell your employees how it operates to improve their score isn’t the brightest idea. So now with his second write up both in a week time frame, the 3rd one means he’s fired and it will probably be coming soon.

It’s hard to imagine someone telling my husband he’s not fast enough, his last job he was their hardest and fastest worker. So as he applies at various jobs, thankful that christmas shopping is nearly done, we get ready to buckle down on our finances and anticipate he may be on unemployment at least for a few weeks. until he starts a new job. With this hiccup, it ultimately has left me focused on my own households problems that I have found broaching the conversation with my dad about my issues with them really unapproachable at this time.

I guess the reason I feel this way is there isn’t going to be some sweet reunion where I say I’ll forget about his wife’s behavior and actions towards my family and I. If anything as I have struggled with my feelings, have had things brought to my attention that cross all lines and boundaries, I struggle with telling him I want no part in his life with his wife and step son. My dad being a homebody who doesn’t go out, me being someone who never wants to step foot in her home wonder if the relationship will go any further, I do not see my father doing much to keep our relationship going, he can’t even do what’s right.

Not to mention how childish she will behave when she finds out that I don’t want anything to do with her or her son. I know it doesn’t do me any good to listen to gossip, but when you hear people repeat things she would only know it leaves you feeling so misguided in your trust of her. Then my mother went out of her way to email me and basically told me they had been speaking. Who disregards your trust like that? Those are lines you never cross. I just have no faith or trust in her and I will not make my family pay the price of her hurtfulness. I just hate that it’s always during a time of love and peace that I am faced with adversity and conflict.