Social Cues

Published June 27, 2017 by PeachyKeene

Something my friend and I started discussing in the past few months is how cluster b personality disorders are either rather ignorant to reading social cues for example body language or tone of voice and most likely the latter is they can and just don’t care.
I deal with this on a regular basis, I tend to be somewhat passive aggressive hoping this person will just get a clue that I’m not interested, but they proceed anyway and I should realize they are going to because even when I’ve taken the direct approach and honestly said to them I don’t care to know I’ve had them say to me “so” and continue to talk.
This kind of social response comes mostly from a sociopath as they aren’t even going to pretend to keep up social graces, most of the other cluster b’s will try to act as if they care only so they can discuss themselves, but a true sociopath doesn’t even try to pretend. Yes I have encountered my first known sociopath and intend to get into talking about him in further detail as there is a lot of shroud in how I was duped into having a relationship with him that I would of declined if I had known the truth, sadly there was quiet a few people who held onto pieces of the puzzle that didn’t make the picture as crystal clear until they were all put into place in front of me, however this is the person who makes us go wow how can he not pick up on these social cues.
Truth is he can and doesn’t care because he lacks empathy, a person with empathy would be like ok they are in a bad mood I’ll leave them alone, a person without is so selfish they will demand your attention and if you get more upset about your interaction it’s an added bonus because they enjoy vying an emotional response from you.

Is there anyone after interacting with them you feel more drained than energized? like it feels like they zap your energy that you have? That my friends is an emotional vampire and it’s time to either get them out of your life if you can, but if you can’t you need to learn to grey rock. To grey rock someone means you don’t show them any emotion, you talk in monotone and have a flat affect which means they will become bored with you when they can no longer elicit the kind of response from you that they use to be able to get.
Usually with the current toxic person in my life, I appear as the mindless zombie completely taken over by my cell phone, usually I’m the type of person to give my undivided attention, but with him I look at my phone as if I’m uninterested in what he has to say and if I must answer I try to make my response very brief so he can’t build off of anything I say or use it as a Segway into talking about something else as he is notorious for doing this. In one of my blogs I want to get into talking about him into further detail and how I’ve come to make adjustments to myself to better deal with him and my further plans for action.

I hope by sharing my experiences it might be able to help others dealing with similar situations, it’s not unusual to keep running into these kinds of people over and over again in your life as they often recognize something about you that other cluster b’s saw that made you appear to make great supply for them, mostly because you have empathy and they try to take advantage of that. We should never give up on being the kind souls that we are we just have to train ourselves to recognize these types of people and how to cut off their supply of us.


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