Breaking away from Mr.A

Published July 13, 2017 by PeachyKeene

The little games he likes to play hoping you’ll question him, that you’ll be intrigued, or at the very least he can try to manipulate you with. I honestly don’t know how Mr.A has so many people fooled into being a culpable adult who can hold down a management position, in two years he went from freeloader slacker to helping run a small store. I’m sure he is good at his job, these cluster b’s especially sociopaths excel quiet well in their jobs. However I wonder how they hired a person who doesn’t have a driver license for a position that he would be required to travel occasionally for important meetings and make bank deposits for the company.

I recall one night he texted me for a ride to the bank so he could make a deposit for his company, when I arrived, he fumbled around in his place of business and came out 10 minutes after the place was suppose to close telling me how a customer came in as the store was about to close and it’d be a half hour before he would be done, no apology for my effort of coming just said you can go now I’ll just walk. I honestly should of pulled out of the parking lot, but I saw the sky was ready to dump so I stayed. When he was done and came out, he got in the car, no thank you for waiting, as we drove to the bank he rambled on about an expensive 100k car he wanted, to me this is funny yet insulting, you are not paying me for my gas or time to give you a ride, you are not thanking me for helping you, he also wants a 100k car which to finance would probably cost him more than what he pays a month in rent, can’t even save money, heck he hasn’t even finished paying off his last mode of transportation (a bike which got stolen) because he leased it and he’d rather pay $20 a pay period then pay the 3 installment payments of $40 to be done with it.

He spoke of contributing more to expenses for things as groceries as before he barely made enough to survive and we helped greatly with making sure he got fed. Nothing has changed, all talk, which with most cluster b’s it is always just talk, so you’ll be dazzled by them. Besides where else could you live where you get Rent, water, electric, internet, groceries, no not just groceries, home cooked meals and the occasional ride for $600 a month, would you believe he thought that was to much, he tried to get away with $300. I’ve gotten where I don’t even see the point in providing home cooked meals as the first week of payday he dines out every night until he is to broke to do so, he usually will chow down on the saved plate of food for breakfast, so why cook for him especially when he does these stupid little happy dances thinking he must be special cause I cooked one of his favorite meals. All his crazy games he plays like refusing to put the scoop for the coffee in the container and insist hooking it onto the machine, so when I break the hook so he can’t hang it on the machine, he quits drinking, as if to protest, but occasionally he does drink it and adds it to the grocery list like I don’t know it’s low ( and yes I do know he isn’t drinking coffee at home as much as a can of coffee used to last only 3 weeks and now it last me 2 months).

Everything is a game, hoping I’ll ask questions, but I don’t because I don’t want to. The best part is knowing we both shift behind the silence with our own agenda, he doesn’t ask questions either, which gives me the option to reduce my contact, my efforts, and preserve my energy. I haven’t made him a home cooked meal in nearly 3 weeks, from now on it’s his favorite ramen, cereal, access to milk, and tv dinners. It saves me time, money, and energy as some nights I make a dinner for two for my husband and I and something simple for my son. I hope with the changes he begins to realize the context of our relationship has changed and we can transition to more of a flat mate relationship (I hate the Americanized word room mate because it sounds like you share a room…creepy). I can only hope it encourages him to move out on his own and he no longer sees me as supply. I don’t know how it will effect him, but one thing is for certain it feels good to cut the cord, I’m freeing myself from his sociopathic control and game plays a little more as we go along.


2 comments on “Breaking away from Mr.A

  • I’ve just read this and relate exactly to what you mean. Especially the questioning part. Narcissists love making us question things! Good for you in having healthy boundaries with this person.

    • I’m constantly working on it, there just something about my personality type that attracts these types of people.I like to share hoping in some way it helps others. Thank you for reading my blog.

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